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Providing all your microlight needs since 1990.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring we fly all year.

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As a member of the   British Microlight  Aircraft Association Microlight Uk follows rules and regulations laid down in law and governed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Your training will follow the BMAA syllabus  resulting in you becoming the owner of a National Private Pilots Licence. You can then take passengers and fly where you want subject to complying with normal aviation law.

The minimum requirements for an unrestricted Licence are:

25 hours flying, of which  ten need to be solo.
Two qualifying cross countries
Pass the theory tests in Air Law, Human Performance, Navigation, Meteorology and principles of flight.
Pass the General Flying Skills Test

The  various costs are outlined below.


Training on a School Microlight

Training on your Own Microlight

One Hour



5 Hours



10 hour



Solo Supervision day rate



Annual Club Fee is £105.

We fly all year. Some of the best training weather is in the winter months, microlighting is not just a summer sport!

Call 01832 205149 or 07963 725956 to make an appointment to discuss all aspects of learning to fly microlights in detail - don’t delay, you’ll wish you’d done it years ago!

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