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Microlight, microlighting microlite rides over northants, cambs, lincs, leics, beds, bucks, Warwickshire,the midlands, east midlands, Norfolk, Suffolk we can fly almost anywhere!

Microlight flying can sometimes be referred to microlighting. Sometimes it is spelt wrong as microlite flying or microliting, whichever way you spell microlight flying or microlighting it means the same thing. When you fly in a microlight or go microlighting the views you get are fantastic. We fly from Corby Northamptonshire. You can see the following counties when you microlight with us. Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk Suffolk and on a clear day you can see Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire , Essex, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, east Anglia and the midlands. The microlight or microlighting, if you prefer, airfield is not far from the M1 or A1People travel for miles to experience microlight or microlighting from Deenethorpe airfield near Corby Northants, you may be looking to go microlighting or microlight flying yourself, or you may want to buy a gift or a present for a friend or loved one. If you are looking for a gift or a present or a voucher to give as a present then we can help. We supply various gift vouchers of our microlight trial flights or air experience flights which you can give as a wonderful present or gift voucher or just as a treat. You can be reassured that if you give a microlight, microlite or indeed microlighting gift voucher as a present or a simple gift that the flying in the microlight will never be forgotten. It will be a memorable microlight or microlighting experience! We fly p and M microlights. They make the quik r microlight, quik microlight, GT450 microlight, quantum microlight to name a few!nce the person you are treating has their microlight Gift voucher, all they have to do to go microlighting is call and book their microlite flight in. People who receive gifts or presents of microlighting vouchers often enjoy the flying so much they in turn decide to give trial flights as gifts or presents. Many people think of the flights as a joy ride, in fact they are not they as they are part of the microlight syllabus and count towards a licence if you are having tuition or training. The flights are of course extremely exciting and thrilling which is why some people may consider them to be joy rides. icrolight Uk is a microlight flying school. If you want to learn to fly a microlite then we can teach you how to be a great microlighting pilot.  Once you have a licence you’ll be able to take your friends microlighting with you when you go flying.As a microlighting school we offer the complete range of tuition so that you can learn to fly. The flying school operates seven days a week giving tuition so that you can learn to fly a microlight.  Learning to fly is great fun, the tuition you receive follows the training syllabus laid down by the CAA. When you are training, or learning i.e. receiving tuition to learn to fly you will fly the microlight most of the time. As you have more training and tuition you will get better and fly the microlight almost all the time. Once you have reached solo standard you will have received all the tuition and training to make you safe to fly by yourself. Once you have reached solo standard, all your training and tuition comes to a head and you will become a pilot who loves microlighting and flying.Once you have been microlight flying you may want to go home and watch coronation street or eastenders on the telly. You may look at internet dating sites like plenty of fish. Plenty of fish has loads of people who would love to microlight. Plenty of fish makes internet dating easy. Another good dating site is Match.com. Again there are plenty of people on match.com who would love to go microliting –! Other internet dating sites include zoosk, e harmony, speed date, B2, mature dating, dating direct,Benaughty. All the internet dating sites are great for meeting people who want to go microlighting. Basically if you like Coronation Street, eastenders, then you’ll probably love microlighting. If you receive a present or gift of a microlight flight you’ll love it and will probably want to give one a flying gift or present to someone you might meet on a dating site like match.com or plenty of fish. So to outline the message on this website, if you would like to learn to fly and receive tuition so that we can teach you to fly come to us. If you are looking to give a flying gift or a flying present then our microlight flight flying gift vouchers are the ideal present. Don’t forget you’ll get more fun flying your microlight than watching Coronation Street, eastenders or any channels on the bbc itv or sky .